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    Wally Zancan
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Proud Rotarian Wally Zancan

Rotary has a stellar reputation with regards to community involvement and impact, whether it’s in Hamilton, Ohio or as far away as Rome, Italy. Once I returned home to continue my banking career, I wanted to immediately involve myself in Hamilton and its social advancement. I knew The Rotary Club of Hamilton would give me the best platform to make a positive movement for the community I’ve called home for 31 years.

I knew many Hamilton Rotarians before I was inducted into the Club in 2015, but it’s been an honor and privilege to meet additional friends and colleagues along the way. I am extremely proud to be associated with all of them. I’m looking forward to the changes that we as a team will make in the years to come. I’ve never been part of an organization in which its members truly care about one another the way that Rotarian care about each other.

Since joining The Rotary Club of Hamilton, I’ve been a Rotary Science Fair judge and I intend to become more engaged with the New Member Development Committee. I want to give others the same opportunity as I’ve been given in making a meaningful impact on Hamilton through Rotary.

Rotary has enhanced both my family and my professional career. My wife Emily, and daughter Emma are extremely proud of me for my involvement in Rotary and the Hamilton community. They themselves have given much of their time to improving our home city and the people who live in it. My employer, US Bank and fellow Rotarian Joe Belew have been staunch supporters of my involvement in Rotary. They both know that aside from networking and building relationships that may improve upon my career, I will become a well-rounded coworker and positive individual that others within the bank can count on. I didn’t think it was possible to find an outlet that would enable me to give back to the city that has given me, my family, and my friends so much. I thank Rotary for giving me that opportunity. and I look forward to a bright future within our Club.

Wally Zancan

Wally Zancan