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    Krystal Tipton
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Why I Became a Rotarian

There are many reasons to join your local Rotary Club. I decided to join for several reasons. It’s given me the chance to network and expand my circle of professional and personal acquaintances while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded professionals. It is a way for me to enhance my leadership skills while gaining further experience in motivating, inspiring and guiding others in my community. I love the focus on service and having the opportunity to address issues and concerns such as hunger, poverty, education, and healthcare, both locally and nationally.

As Director of Community Impact for Butler County United Way, I am always embracing ways for our United Way to lead community change. As such, being a Rotarian allows me to continue to identify and address challenges in the areas of education, health and financial stability that are critical in our community. For example, recently, I guided the launch of a new student organization at Miami University Hamilton called Student United Way (SUW). Student United Ways exist on college and high school campuses around the world. Student leaders gain valuable leadership skills, knowledge about critical community issues and a better understanding of how they can advance the common good. It gives them an opportunity to better lives of friends, neighbors and other members of their community. SUW looks to collaborate with local organizations on future projects and activities. This type of collaboration will only enhance the collective impact on Butler County.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio, I couldn’t think of a better way to serve in my community than to become a Rotarian. Rotary offers a wide range of social and service activities for all family members. My family is looking forward to getting involved in many social and service projects in the community. Giving back to your community providesa wonderful experience of fulfillment. Your biggest and sole reward is the realization that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. Be a gift to the world!

Tipton Krystal

Krystal Tipton