• Woody Fitton
    Woody Fitton
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Why I joined the Rotary Club of Hamilton

I became a Rotarian in my mid-twenties as I embarked on my career. It was a pretty heady experience to be a part of a club filled with my Dad’s business and professional colleagues and to be required to call them by their first names. My primary reason to join the Club at that time was to build relationships with the many influencers of our community, as most of them where Rotarians. That mission was definitely accomplished.

I have participated in many different Rotary projects during my 30 plus years, including Rotary Presents, the Rotary Science Fair, the Dictionary Project and Rotary Wraps. I’ve also served on numerous committees, including the Induction Committee, Club Programs, and the Philanthropic Committee. I was also appointed Club President for the 2010-2011 Rotary year. I’m currently serving as our Club’s Foundation Chair.

I believe that the Rotary club of Hamilton has and continues to make a sizable impact on our community. Being a Rotarian has been a very fulfilling experience and as I look back on my time in this club I have come to realize that I have been able to form strong relationships with a broad cross-section of individuals. I don’t believe that these relationships would have happened had it not been for my membership in the Rotary Club. As a way of improving building my Rotary relationships, I have made it a practice at our weekly meetings to sit at different tables and with different people. I am sure this has a lot to do with the sense of comradery I feel with my fellow Rotarians and how much I value the experience of being a Rotarian. I highly recommend Rotary to any young person who is looking to develop a deeper connection to our community.

Woody Fitton

Woody Fitton